Listing of Completed Projects

Colonial Williamsburg

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum

Provided reproduction of exterior post lantern.


  Bassett Hall

Refurbished all table lamps 2002.  Seven Post Lanterns were duplicated and provided for the parking lot.  Coordinated rewiring of 4 Glass Lusters with Janine Skerry,  CW Glass and Ceramics Curator,  funded through a private Glass Luster Grant.



Refurbished and rewired all of the 1930's electric fixtures .  Electrified 5 antique & reproduction chandeliers and 4 sconces with low voltage electronic flickering candlesticks.  Upgraded 3 of these chandeliers in 2002.


Christiana Campbell’s Tavern

Refurbished all interior & exterior fixtures in 2001.


Colonial Houses & Buildings

(Coke Garrett House, David Morton House, George Jackson House, Benjamin Waller House, Bracken House, Nelson Galt House, Carter's Grove).  Refurbished  interior and exterior fixtures and lamps.


Francis Street

Worked with CW Security Department, CW Architects,  Engineering, and City of Williamsburg  to develop source for duplication of 1930's copper streetlights,  substituting metal halide.



Supplied reproduction post lanterns with metal halide..


Kimball Theater

Supplied custom designed exterior wall lanterns and a new post lantern installed.


Merchants Square

Brass and Copper reproduction lanterns provided in multiple locations, the latest at all  exterior locations of old post office building.


Governor’s Palace

Worked with CW Glass and Ceramics Curator on 2001/2002 Grant for non-evasive, low voltage flickering candles installed in two tier Supper Room chandelier & 3 Ballroom Chandeliers.


Williamsburg Inn

Restaurant Candlesticks and shades designed and supplied for the Regency Dining Room. All table lamps refurbished in guest rooms and public areas during major renovation.  Wren Waxx slipcovers used in Regency Dining Room, and other public areas.


Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center

In 2006 supplied all custom designed street lighting, outdoor wall mounted lanterns, interior corridor wall mounted lanterns and hanging fixtures in corridors.  Refurbished the original 1930's post lanterns, hanging and wall lanterns and created new lanterns styled  

Williamsburg Spa

Supplied all custom designed interior and exterior lighting in 2006.


Windows at Christmas

Supply Rechargeable Battery Candles for window sills during Christmas season.


College of William & Mary

Wren Building, College of William & Mary

Supplied custom reproduction of Exterior Post Lanterns, Consulted with architects on 2000 Renovation, and refurbished all interior fixtures.  Developed Wren Waxx Slipcovers for this project.


President's House

Worked with Amy Fernandez, conservator, 2005-2006 on the removal and rewiring of an18th century luster and brass hall lantern. Also rewired lamps and sconces.


Williamsburg and Vicinity

Fords Colony Residential Development

Williamsburg, Va., Supplied lanterns for one phase of The Links Town Houses


Governor’s Land at Two Rivers Residential Development

Williamsburg, Va., Club House and Sales Office Exterior Lighting.


Kingsmill on the James Residential Development

Williamsburg, Va., Quarterpath Trace supplied exterior lighting as well as  various other sites.


New Town Courthouse

James City County, Williamsburg, Va., Supplied Exterior Street Lighting.


St. Peter’s Episcopal Church 

New Kent Co., Va.  -  Supplied Tower Lantern.


St. Bede Catholic Church

Assisted in development and fabrication of  Brass & Glass Dedication Wall  Sconces,  Processional Candle Holders, and Vigil Lantern.


Prince George Street Parking Garage

Supplied Street Lanterns, posts and boots.


Prince George Street Lanterns

Supplied street lanterns.


Other Locales

Governor's Club Residential Development

Brentwood, TN, (Near Nashville) Supplied Post Lanterns for Street Site Lighting, and Pleasant Hill Mansion, Club House Interior and Exterior Lighting


City of Rogersville, Tennessee Supplied downtown street lighting for Crockett Springs Trail.


Cavalier Yacht Club

Virginia Beach, Va. Supplied Exterior Post Lanterns.


Motion Picture Industry

John Adams

HBO movie, directed by Tom Hanks for Braintree Productions

Supplied customized wrought iron chandeliers, candlestands, hooks, cranes, sconces, chandeliers, lanterns and many accessories for the set decorators Kathy Lucas, Liza Rudolph, and Susan Kaufman.


American Gangster

Starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crow. 2006.  Supplied chandeliers, and hurricanes for set decorator Susan Kaufman.


Consulting assignments

Historical Settings

Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA

           Monticello, Charlottesville, VA.

           Old Salem, Winston-Salem, N.C.


Architects and Designers

           CW Architects: Ed Chappell, Mark Wenger, Scott Spence

           CW Landscape Architect Kent Brinkley

          CW Designers Susan Winthur, Cheryl Griggs, Kathryn Arnold, Monica           Riggins, Patricia Moriarty

          Alan Morledge, Williamsburg, VA.

          William Roy Wallace, Winston-Salem, NC.

          Tony Bell of Mosely, Harris, & McClintock, Richmond, VA

          Baird Smith of Quin Evans, Washington, D.C.

          Tom Kerns of  The Kerns Group,  Washington, D.C.

          Michael Melugin of CMMI, Atlanta, Ga

          Jennifer Wimmer of Glave and Holmes, Richmond, VA

           Martha Culpepper, Richmond, VA

           Doug Cochran, Cochran Design Group, Paris, ILL

          Doug Cochran, Cochran Design Group, Paris, ILL