Project Photo Album

Wren Building at the College of William and Mary 2000 Renovation

Custom lighting fixtures reproduced and all existing lighting fixtures refurbished by Lamplighter Wren Waxx Slipcovers used throughout.
Wren Building Renovation
Wren Post
Exterior Post Lantern Reproduced from old ones... as viewed from inside the Wren Building.
Wren Chapel Chandelier
18th Century Brass Chandelier in Wren Chapel refurbished by CW and rewired by Lamplighter Wren Waxx Slipcovers used throughout.
Wren Sconces
Diamond Back Hall sconces refurbished.
Wren Lanterns
Wren Building Portico lanterns refurbished.

President's House At The College of William and Mary

Dining Room, Hall, Stairway Sconces Refurbished by Lamplighter.
18th Century Glass Luster reflected in Dining Room Mirror.
Dining Room's 18th Century Glass Luster Refurbished, Armature System installed, with Wren Waxx Slipcovers.
Glass Luster Armature System
Center Hall Lantern Refurbished.

Williamsburg Governor's Palace

Installed Low Voltage electronic flickering candle system in 4 glass lusters
Palace Supper Room
Governor's Palace Supper Room
18th Century Glass Luster wired with low voltage electronic flickering candle system.
Palace Ballroom
Governor's Palace Three Ballroom Glass Lusters
Saint Bede Catholic Church, Williamsburg, VA
Processional Candlesticks by Lamplighter surround Altar
St Bede Sconce Custom  Dedication Sconce
Twelve Dedication Sconces by Lamplighter mounted on Columns and Sanctuary.
Vigil CandleVigil Candle
Reservation Chapel with Tabernacle and Vigil Candle

Town of Rogersville, Tennessee 

Street Lanterns for the Crockett Springs Trail supplied by Lamplighter

Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center

Supplied or Refurbished all Exterior Lighting and Interior Corridor Lighting.
 Williamsburg Lodge Exterior Lighting
Post Lantern from Guest House Parking Lot.
Williamsburg Conference Center 
Williamsburg Conference Center Entrance Lobby with Handcrafted Wrought Iron Chandelier and Low Voltage Flickering Candle System.
 Williamsburg Conference Center Back Stairwell
Conference Center back stairwell with Refurbished Lantern.
 Williamsburg Lodge Conference Center
Conference Center Custom Designed Exterior Copper Lanterns.
Williamsburg Lodge Lobby Custom Lanterns
Williamsburg Lodge Lobby Custom Wall Lanterns.
Conference Center Ballroom Custom Wall Sconces
Conference Center Ballroom Custom Wall Sconces.
Conference Center Bridge showing Refurbished Wrought Iron Chandelier
Conference Center Bridge showing refurbished Wrought Iron Chandelier with new addition and hanging and wall lanterns in distance.  

Williamsburg Spa

Supplied Custom Designed Decorative Lighting Fixtures Interior and Exterior Entrance.
Williamsburg Spa Custom Lanterns and Sconces
Lanterns and Mirrored Sconces by Lamplighter

Prince George Street Lanterns

Prince George Street Lanterns Prince George Street Lanterns


Custom Handpainted Chinoiserie Wall Lantern
Custom handpainted Chinoiserie Wall Lantern
Lightfoot House Lantern
Refurbished Lightfoot House Lantern
Bassett Hall Reproduction Lantern and Post
Basset Hall Reproduction Lantern Post
Custom Handpainted Sconces to match aubergine wallcovering
Custom Corner Lantern
Custom Reproduction of Corner Lantern on CW Stable
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