Choosing a Lantern

Choosing a Lantern

The entrance to your home or property is the first and last impression your guests will have about their visit. We offer a wide range of fixtures in each style sized to fit the proportions of your home. Our fixtures are also available in a variety of mounting configurations including hanging, ceiling mount, single post top, pier, and an assortment of wall bracket mountings. Our lanterns are constructed of brass or copper.  This means they will not rust and will survive the harshest conditions.  They are not lacquered, so over time they will develop a blackened patina.  Our favorite finishes are therefore blackened copper or brass which is a quicker way to appear aged and understated.  These finishes will not compete with other colors of brick and siding. Our exception is if your home is on the beach or bay with salt water, we find ordering in a natural finish works better to oxidize over time.  

We recommend making a simple shape template out of a grocery bag using the height and width listed of the lantern style you like. A general glass area can be cut out.  Tape the template where you are expecting to mount the lantern , then move way back to street or back lawn to view the scale and shape.  We have had some clients blow up the photo to the listed measurements for a very realistic view of their selection.  

Mounting Height and Location.    Tops of wall lanterns on exterior doors should be mounted no higher than the top of the door and no lower than 12" below the top of the door.  Wall lanterns should be mounted securely on a smooth wooden plate,  a “let”, set into the siding rather than directly on uneven clapboards or shingles. Observe the mounting of the electrical box.  If the mounting is high, in relation to the front door, you may want to consider using a lantern that hangs down.  If the mounting is low, a lantern that extends up from the mount is recommended.  

Size.    Lanterns should be approximately one-fifth the height of the front door.  


Post Lanterns

As a rule of thumb, post lanterns will appear about half their actual size when viewed from 50 feet away at 7' elevation. When in doubt about the appropriate size, select a larger model. It is important to mount a post lantern at least 6-8' above grade. In northern climates, place the post at least 2-3' into the ground depending on frost line.